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Angelo Boccato

Italian journo based in London.

Italian freelance journalist based in London, focused on politics, human rights, foreign affairs, social movements and other issues.... always seeking new stories.

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#VentyourRent: London renters' horror stories go viral

In the run-up to the London Mayoral elections on the 5th of May, London renters have been sharing their horror stories of overpriced and unacceptable properties in the capital. Organised by the Generation Rent association, the campaign hopes to keep the housing crisis as a top priority for whoever emerges victorious on Thursday.

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Iranian filmmaker Ahmad Farahani: "I could not tell myself the lie"

The suppression of journalists in Iran began after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s rise to power in 2005 and continued following his second electoral victory against Mir-Hossein Mousavi in 2009. This victory was overshadowed by allegations of electoral fraud, leading to massive protests, brutally repressed by the country’s security forces.

Farahani’ s documentary depicts a state of constant intimidation, under which Iranian journalists are force to live with the danger of arrest, imprisonment, violent beatings, torture and exile. The Director experienced this brutality first-hand, when he was imprisoned in 2010. After experiencing these threats, his family migrated to Denmark, where he has been living ever since.

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Europe in 2015: the year of the civil freedom meltdown?

2015 has been a big year for elections all over the planet. In Europe the season started with in Greece with victory for Syriza—it will end this Sunday in Spain. However, the Spanish elections take place in a dire context, as the country's "Gag Law" came into effect last July. This is just one of the civil...

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Against evictions: fighting social cleansing in London

The March Against Evictions marked the second anniversary of the Focus E15 Campaign, started in September 2013, when a group of young mothers were served an eviction notice by the East Thames Housing Association, following the cuts by Newham Council to the hostel for young homeless people, Focus E15.
Focus E15's campaign struggle for housing, under the rallying cry "Social housing, not social cleansing" ended up across the pages of national newspapers and Guardian writer Aditya Chakrabortty called them one of the heroes of 2014 for their role in putting social housing in the political agenda.
The campaign also proved how, despite facing the antagonism of local institutions, social movements can manage to achieve victories as well as serving as an inspiration for other campaigns, as described by Samir Jeraj on the Green European Journal.

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The British anti-Austerity movement goes on

Composed of and supported by trade unionists, party members and activists, The People's Assembly Against Austerity's protest of June 20th assumed the role of showing Prime Minister David Cameron’s Tory Government that the austerity agenda that they are planning to pursue will face opposition from an active citizenry.
While protesters in London were crossing the streets from the Bank of England down to Parliament Square , demonstrators were also rallying in Liverpool and Glasgow.
A clear element of the rally was the broad appeal of the call; it was possible to spot the banners of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and Unite the Union, the largest British trade union, others from Standing Against Racism and Fascism, Keeping Our NHS Public and the Students' Assembly Against the Austerity.

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How will the Green Surge affect the UK election?

Having gained 1.2 million votes in the 2014 European Elections, and a huge increase in their membership, the UK Green Party is on the rise.

But how will this momentum affect the General Election? Can the Greens add to their one MP?

The UK election: Europe in the polls

Today's General Election in the UK is already considered to be the most important in a generation.

But how will it affect the future role of the country in Europe?

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Time to "take back our world" March 18, 2015 Politics

London is not just the UK's capital, but a global city and the events that take place in the city often reflect this.

Last month, a global event, “Take back our world” took place in Shoreditch, organised by Global Justice Now and hosted by the Rich Mix arts centre.

The aim was to kickstart activism across a range of global social and political issues.

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Influx: A Journey into the Pulse of Italian London

More Italians are leaving their homeland in search of a better future in the UK. An interview with film director Luca Vullo....

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Politics Anti-austerity solidarity from London to Athens

Politics Anti-austerity solidarity from London to A...

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Sakhr Al Makhadhi talks Syria and journalism

From blog­ger to Syria ex­pert for the BBC. Born in the United King­dom, from a Yemeni Ara­bic fa­ther and an Eng­lish mother, Sakhr Al-Makhadhi grew up in the midst of news­pa­pers and pol­i­tics. Today he has but one goal: elu­ci­dat­ing the Mid­dle East for the pub­lic....