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Angelo Boccato

Italian journo based in London.

Italian freelance journalist based in London, focused on politics, human rights, foreign affairs, social movements and other issues.... always seeking new stories.

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Albaih khiari abbas article

Arab cartoonists hope to prove the pen is mightier than the sword - Equal Times

Freedom of speech in the Arab Region can come at a very high price, particularly for cartoonists. Even as far back as 1987 when the Palestinian cartoonist Naji Salim Al-Ali, creator of the iconic cartoon Handala, was shot and killed in London by an unidentified assassin, the dangers of biting socio-political criticism in the region have been clear.And since the so-called Arab Spring of 2011, these risks have only increased.

The Sudanese cartoonist Khalid Albaih, creator of the Facebook page Khartoon!, Nadia Khiari, who created Willis from Tunis to try and make sense of the changes in Tunisia following the fall of Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali’s 23-year rule, and Syrian-Palestian cartoonist Hani Abbas – winner of the 2014 Editorial Cartoon International Prize – are just some of those fighting on the frontline with their political insight and humour. Equal Times spoke with the trio at the Internazionale a Ferrara festival in Italy, last October.

Sam wallman teatro comunale2 article

“With its militarised borders, Australia is leading by the worst possible example” - Equal Times

Sam Wallman is an Australian cartoonist and some-time trade union organiser for the National Union of Workers (NUW). His 2014 comic At Work Inside Our Detention Centres: A Guard’s Story offers a rare insight into the running of Australia’s outsourced detention centres. Here, he talks to Equal Times about Australia’s militarised borders and ending the attack on indigenous communities at home.

 2 3abea article

UK: 250,000 march to “End Austerity Now”...the Tories respond with more cuts - Equal Times

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of people marched under the banner “End Austerity Now”.

(Matteo Congregalli)

Despite some 250,000 people taking to the streets of London last weekend for the first major national mobilisation against the austerity agenda of the Conservative government, Chancellor George Osborne has just announced plans to slash the welfare budget by £12 billion (approximately €16.7 billion).

Roy lilley 007 2008a article

“Despite private sector involvement, there have been some spectacular failures in the NHS” - Equal Times

Roy Lilley is a former NHS Trust chairman turned independent health policy analyst and commentator. Ahead of Thursday’s UK general election, Lilley speaks to Equal Times about the pivotal issue of the ‘stealth privatisation’ and dismantling of the National Health Service.

Ap752922279908 spip 915e8 article

Italian workers strike against Renzi’s Jobs Act - Equal Times

Italian workers strike against Renzi’s Jobs Act - E...

Maryam birdbh b9e2d article

“Human rights abuses happen in the Gulf when allies stay silent” - Equal Times

“Human rights abuses happen in the Gulf when allies...

Ap733217622280 spip 6e4d6 article

Will the ILO take a stand against gender-based violence at work? - Equal Times

Will the ILO take a stand against gender-based viol...

Does Matteo Renzi’s approach to labour relations spell an end to social partnership in Italy? - Equal Times

Does Matteo Renzi’s approach to labour relations sp...

Open uri20140527 4267 19a32jd article

Why have Dominican-born workers been made stateless in the only country they know?

The Dominican Republic and Haiti: same island, two very different conditions. The Dominican Republic is the second largest economy in the Caribbean, with agriculture, trade, services, tourism and remittances providing the main areas of economic activity. Haiti, on the other hand, is routinely cited as one of the poorest countries...

Open uri20140527 4267 1qlp58c article

Eurosceptics are a threat to workers' rights

Today's European elections were written into history before they had even begun. Not since the end of the Second World War has the continent experience has a profound economic, social, political and existential crisis. The European project is under attack as a result of the austerity policies implemented by the...

Ffa6f1ec159ae5ccfe69ef5cd5e37962 article

Los euroescépticos son una amenaza para los derechos de los trabajadores

Las elecciones europeas de hoy estaban escritas en la historia aun antes de iniciarse. Desde el final de la Segunda Guerra Mundial el continente no había experimentado una crisis económica, social, política y existencial tan profunda. El proyecto europeo es blanco de ataques y ofensivas a consecuencia de las políticas...

F9bffb238a568c6c430abcfc14a265f1 article

L'OIT va-t-elle prendre position contre la violence sexiste au travail ?

Une coalition mondiale de syndicalistes applique une pression soutenue sur les gouvernements et les employeurs pour les inciter à soutenir une nouvelle Convention internationale pour l'élimination de la violence sexiste (VS) dans le monde du travail. Le Conseil d'administration de l'Organisation internationale du travail (OIT) est en session du 30...

Ba9378f1172d3817528a8a113ad12c3a article

Les travailleurs italiens en grève contre le Jobs Act de Renzi

Deux des principales centrales syndicales d'Italie, la Confédération générale italienne du travail (CGIL) et l'Union italienne du travail (UIL) ont appelé à la grève générale, ce vendredi 12 décembre, contre la réforme de l'emploi initiée par le gouvernement de Matteo Renzi. Au cœur du contentieux se trouve le Jobs Act,...